Baloe Designs is a creative design boutique that all started with a lot of passion for design and creativity. Our goal is to help you decorate your home with beautiful wall art, or provide you with amazing designs for life’s most special occasions and events.
Now, let’s get personal! I guess I will jump right into it, my name is Isri Lara, and I’m the face and creator behind BaloeDesigns. I have a passion, wait…. according to my husband, more so an obsession for creating beautiful designs. I have always been a lover of everything creative and in the spring of 2016 I finally took the courage and leap of faith to turn my hobby into a business. With a lot of basic knowledge from college, but mostly self taught design skills I can proudly call myself a true designer! I’m married to Jamal, my biggest supporter and best friend. His profession as a professional basketball player has made us true globetrotters. Over the years we have lived in over 5 countries together, currently in Asia, Japan. In fact, we met each other in Europe, Holland, where I was born and raised. Jamal is from Los Angeles, so we are pretty much traveling back and forth between two places that we both call home. And of course our “temporary home”, which is wherever basketball lands us! BaloeDesigns has honestly been a true blessing because even with all the consistent travelling I can still pursue my own calling and dreams! And just in case you were wondering who Baloe is… Baloe is my cat and he’s absolutely the most awesome pet, who currently lives happily with my mom in Holland. Thank you for all your support and I hope to see you here again! With love, Isri Lara ♥ BaloeDesigns ♥

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